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ON 100/250/500

ON (Old / New) is the first plug and play turntable, with a height of only 6.5 centimeters, it is capable of managing all kind of sources, analog and digital. It can be connected to computers with a USB cable and to portable devices (smartphones, tablets and digital music players) via a Bluetooth® aptX® audio receiver. It houses a valve preamp with dedicated power supply and amplifiers from 100 up to 500 Watts RMS.

ON design, from the deck with veneer of first choice woods to CORIAN® plinth and platter, combines the philosophy of components that encompasses the sphere of audio sources from pure analog to high-definition digital. Wood selection makes ON a unique object, giving back the value of craftsmanship.

The attention for materials and design, craftsmanship and technological research makes ON a timeless object, which encapsulates performance to be discovered. ON is a creation of high precision, quality and reliability.

listen with care!

CORIAN® plinth and multi-layer beech veneer deck

Belt-drive CORIAN® platter, 33/45 RPM

Carbon fiber tonearm

Selectable MM/MC* cartridges

Valve preamp with dedicated power supply

2 analog inputs (RCA stereo)

Digital inputs (1 coaxial / 2 optical / 1 USB) with High-Definition D/A converters 192Khz / 24Bit

Wireless Bluetooth® aptX®

Digital amplifier from 100W to 500W RMS 8Ohm

* for model 100W optional module for MC cartridges available separately


Giuseppe Pinto is the creator of ON (Old / New), the first plug and play turntable.

Before inventing ON, Giuseppe launched his first headphones amp "H2A" made with valve technology, PUSH-PULL output in pure class-A and entirely built by hand. Afterwards, he devoted himself to the R&D and prototyping - based on unique proprietary projects - of valve and solid state power amps, MM/MC phono preamps (active / passive RIAA equalization), valve and solid state preamps, coupling transformers, power and output transformers, AD/DA converters, USB and Wireless interface and extensive research on electronic components and materials.

Finally, in 2016 the time is right to present his new creation: ON turntable. ON is based on the evolution of electronics over the past 80 years and on innovative materials.

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